Updated on 11/19/2021


IQ proID

Stands :
  • 5.2 E068
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Detailed description

Combination of holographic and printed patterns Apply a single approach to holographic and printing protection. Combine holograms and printing patterns. Transparent and metallic materials Feel free to request any combination of metallic and transparent holograms. Protect all important parts o the document Make critical data tamper resistant with a multi-area transparent hologram and a personalised metallic hologram. Protect security elements against removal Self-destructive IQ proID holograms disintegrate into thousands of tiny parts with any manipulation attempt. Provide the protection with years of permanency Use the ageing resistant solution to ensure full brilliance during the entire lifecycle of the card. Ageing resistance can be guaranteed because no heterogenous adhesive is applied.

    More info

    - IQ proID is supplied on polycarbonate sheets or reels - fully fits your manufacturing process, no additional production steps required - waste-free processing - reduces application costs to zero - is fully integrated inside the document

    Technical specification



        IQ Structures s.r.o.

        We share a passion for pushing technological boundaries.

        We enjoy confronting challenges in anti-counterfeiting protection. That is why we succeed in bringing new trends to the industry and why we are a key partner of the world’s largest banks and document-issuing authorities.

        Research and development activities

        Strong technical competence based on 25 years of research and development in nanoengineering and material science.

        In-house mastering and manufacturing

        Industry recognition thanks to a creative combination of cutting-edge technologies such as e-beam lithography, UV lithography and 3D nanoprinting.

        Quality and security certification

        The company is certified for industry standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001. It currently undergoes certification for industry standard ISO 14298.

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