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  • Compostable ID cards made from Biomass

Updated on 11/19/2021


Compostable ID cards made from Biomass

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  • 5.2 A046
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Detailed description

RecyclePass - the new, really sustainable card material without PVC

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    Environmental Friendly Accreditation Solutions
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More info

RecyclePass cards are comparable in durability and temperature resistance to PVC and last about 15 years in a typical office environment. The base cards are manufactured by injection molding in white or any basic color (marble or slate effects are also possible) and can be preprinted in offset and digital printing and individually personalized with thermal transfer, thermal sublimation and retransfer printing, whereby the parameters of the personalization systems must be adapted.

Technical specification




      Pe2M – the flexible organization that offers the right product for every requirement in the area of card printing. We modify and refine existing hardware to cater for special requirements. In many cases, we will combine all the ingredients into one custom made solution, together with all the consumables and services included. ​One of our key products is the 2XL+ printer for oversized credentials. Find your perfect and individual card printing solution with us. 

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