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Revolutionary model for issuing and personalizing cards: ID, banking, gift, transport, among others

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    Émission de cartes

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The be ys Pay card management service allows private companies or government institutions to access a financial platform tailored to their business needs in the creation and maintenance of prepaid, debit, or credit cards. The be ys Pay card program management system is available in a web version and a mobile application (on specific request), allowing the program administrator to manage their cards and customers. The system allows the cardholder to access various services such as balance monitoring, list of recent transactions, change of PIN code, card opposition, activation of online payment, etc.

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      We're dedicated to payment technologies and transactional systems.<br />Our vision is innovation as a competitive advantage and business accelerator for our customers.<br />At be ys Pay we have the solutions throughout the whole life cycle of payment methods, we can integrate global and local solutions, ensuring that your ideas and projects are never stopped.

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