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  • CPA/ CPACE - Common Payment Application

Updated on 11/15/2021


CPA/ CPACE - Common Payment Application

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  • 5.2 A038
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Detailed description

CPA is an example of a Common Core Definitions (CCD)-compliant application that is offered to any issuer as an alternative option to EMV payment applications (the international payment systems’ as MasterCard and Visa) Common Payment Application - CPA is a set of specifications with recommended set of common parameters to allow Banks to configure on their card issuing system. Mainly to have one set of parameters to deal with to rollout cards with different schemes. CPACE (CPA Contactless Extension) is a set of specifications designed for the private label and domestic scheme issuance built under the EMVCo CPA standard and created by the ECPA and the main European card schemes.




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