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  • 5.2 D009
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Detailed description

Elevator Type Card Dispenser & Collector (with GEA Compatible Cartridge , Max. 750 cards capacity)

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•Elevator type card dispenser & collector with GEA compatible cartridge •ISO 14443 RF card reader/writer •Error card capture function •Card Issuing and collecting are available in one unit – 750 card capacity with 0.76mm thickness – Easy for operation with the exchangeable cartridges •Card thickness can be adjustable between 0.76mm and 1.0mm •RS-232C interface

Technical specification




      We, Kytronics has been developing and manufacturing various kinds of Card Reader/Writer/Printer Products and Card Dispensing/Collecting products over 21 years. Based on these technology, we are developing and supplying card issuing equipment suitable for unmanned automation systems in accordance with market changes and customer needs. We are supplying various products suitable for the newly launched non-face-to-face system market. In particular, it develops and supplies unmanned automation systems for hotels, parking and visitor management systems

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