Updated on 10/27/2021



Stands :
  • 5.2 E045
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Detailed description

Biometric fingerprint sensor for contactless payment cards

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• Compatible with worldwide standard card integration process • Thin tape and homogenous substrate for most efficient reading • Black coverlay for great resistance against deterioration • Plated Via to enable good referencing and ESD protection • Can be designed for Edgelink® dual interface cards • Available for Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) connectivity • Integrates in PRELAM® products employing wire-embedding technology or flexible PCB interlayer.

Technical specification




      Linxens is a specialist in the manufacture of secure electronic components for smart cards.
      Linxens’ solutions are used worldwide in various applications in markets such as banking, telecoms, government and healthcare, and to ensure access control, asset tracking, authentication and identity.
      Linxens designs, manufactures, and assembles microconnectors and RFID antennas using the expertise of its R&D centers and industrial sites around the world.
      Linxens is headquartered in France and employs 3000 people worldwide.

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