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Updated on 10/11/2021


BioCred Authentication System

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Detailed description

BioCred is Panini's revolutionary biometric customer authentication system. Instead of dated authentication methods (ID card display, debit card & PIN, etc.), your customers will use a convenient, biometrics-based system founded on a user-friendly and safe enrollment process. Following enrollment, BioCred's encrypted biometric credential is stored WITH THEM via a personalized barcode or NFC tag; during their next visit, they will reveal their profile to the bank by scan their barcode or tag, then confirm their identity by scanning their finger to match their credential. Optimize customer experiences by ensuring SECURE and QUICK ACCESS for bank transactions.

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More info

- BioCred Reader: an intelligent device capable of dual fingerprint scan, QR code read and NFC R/W. It includes a display for customer communications; network access via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The scan surface is sanitized between users via UVC light. - Web UI: banker-oriented, it communicates with the BioCred reader via HTTPS. - Enrollment Server: it serves the entire BioCred reader fleet, and uses an HSM (hardware security module) to package customer non-biometric and biometric data in a digitally signed and encrypted data string, to be sent to the BioCred app and NFC tag (what we call the BioCred credential). The data is then deleted. - Barcode App: receives the data string from the server and converts it into QR code format. Alternatively, the NFC tag can be used (“BioCred companion”).

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