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Present on exhibition Trustech 2022
From November 29 to December 01, 2022
Hall 5.2

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Digital changes have challenged the traditional banking sector to evolve and keep up with the latest neobanks that attract new consumers in the rapidly changing environment. With such great challenges in front of them, the best way to be competitive is through digital transformation.  

At LOQR, our main goal is to be more than a simple technology provider to our clients but to be a reliable and trustworthy partner within the banking industry's digital transformation path. We are SMEs on AI and compliance, with the mission of helping our clients through certified turn-key journeys, regulatory compliance, and an end-to-end platform.  

 The core of our value addition sits on a flexible journey-as-a-service platform that is modular to fit diverse end-goals. LOQR’s know-how and expertise can be the enabler of banking digital journey by addressing the mission points of their digital experience.  
That is why the banking sector can rely on LOQR’s journeys-as-a-service to empower their customers’ digital lives.  


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