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Jasuindo - Consumer / Smart Home & Enterprise

Stands :

A 021

Gd. Office 8, Lt. 31 Unit B-E, SCBD Lo
Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53

12190 Jakarta Selayan


From a simple security printer to a major player in the identity and payment industry

Jasuindo started its journey in 1990
as a simple security printer; today the company is a major player in the identity and payment industry. With a 70% growth in the last 3 years and a global footprint, Jasuindo is the fastest growing ID and payment company in Asia. It is the only company in the industry honored by Forbes with the “Asia 200 Best under a Billion” Award as well as the “Best of Best 50 Top companies” Award for three consecutive years.

Toppan Printing, the giant US$15 billion Japanese company, represented by Toppan Gravity, recently became the second largest shareholder of Jasuindo and will be actively partnering with Jasuindo in many areas. With more than 300 patents filed in annually, Toppan is one of the most innovative company in the industry and will contribute to the R&D effort of Jasuindo. This partnership enables Jasuindo to produce select innovations developed within the Toppan Group. Jasuindo takes also pride in being a part of the newly formed ecosystem of Toppan Gravity. This ecosystem is comprised of key acquisitions whose collective aim is to approach business differently, challenge the status quo and disrupt the industry.

Customer focus is the core value of Jasuindo

Working with Jasuindo means having access to a full range of products and solutions to suit your organization’s needs. What sets Jasuindo apart from other companies in the industry is its agility in tailoring solutions specifically for their customers. This dynamic combination of quality, reliability, flexibility and go-getting spirit is what makes Jasuindo a trusted partner.


Jasuindo’s growing international reach includes collaborations with HID, OVD Kinegram, Toppan and Datacard.

Our Solutions


Passport manufacturing: We cover the whole production process - from producing holographic
security features and inlays, right through to the production of laminates, data pages (either thin
PCDP or electronic PCDP) and booklets.
ID Cards: We offer state-of-the art smart cards produced entirely in-house - from holograms and laminates to polycarbonate and PET cards with contact, contactless or dual interface technologies.


High Security Document Printing: We provide cheques and passbooks, contact, contactless and dual interface cards. Moreover, we offer whole new generation of OTP and biometric cards. Our manufacturing facilities are MasterCard, Visa and JCB certified.


Governmental Solutions: Jasuindo is striving to deliver the best governmental solutions to fight against illicit trade. We are committed to providing cutting edge tax stamp management solutions to shield and support tax revenues. In addition, we are manufacturing labels, and tamper evident holograms to keep clients products protected.


Commercial Prints: On top of security printing, Jasuindo provides customers with a large range of commercial printing for governments, institutions and businesses. We strive to provide a vast range of commercial prints, such as lottery tickets, event wristbands, loyalty coupons and gift cards. Various well-known companies such as Google and Apple are counted among our valued customers.