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ITEN - Automotive

Stands :

C 062

12 chemin du jubin
69570 Dardilly

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ITEN is the leading industrial company developing and manufacturing solid-state rechargeable microbatteries in the form of SMD components. Such microbatteries are very compact (volume of 10-15 mm3) and very thin (thickness less than 330µm if necessary). They do recharge In a few minutes and are not only able to store high energy density but also to deliver power and high peak currents (a few 100 milliampers) over a wide operating temperature range: for instance to power up any RF transmission or an ePaper display.  They are are assembled and recycled like any other SMD component. ITEN’s microbatteries are the ideal solutions to back-up and power up applications in electronics (Real Time Clocks, microcontrollers, volatile memories), SSDs, mobile and GPS devices, SSDs, medical devices, smart cards and security tokens, home and building automation, smart cities, wearables and e-textile, IoT and more generally wireless sensor networks.  

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