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IDentiks card and RFID solution

IDentiks card and RFID solution - Others

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IDentiks is over 14.years old, well trusted company, today best known for all kinds of PVC and BIO cards and RFID systems, which represent a variety of solutions in connection with cards.
We offer both simple as well as complex solutions for identification in the workplace and events, loyalty cards, accreditation. Our focus is increacingly going towards RFID (contactless) solutions.
In 2016 our innovative solution was adopted in ABC accelerator.
We combine knowledge with the quick response and economic prudence. We are recognized by the reliability and the relationship of trust and respect. Our distinctive advantage is aesthetics. Our motto is that every IDentiks card for our client is the best and the most elegant and beautiful solution.
CLIP for loyalty and ID.Conference for perfect stores and events
We are proud of two of our own brand that we developed within company. In IDentiks we offer:
CLIP® loyalty program - Customer Loyalty Integration Process. In the development of these services we have linked with five young companies and our shared knowledge serves the objective that the customers remain loyal to companies or organisations that uses CLIP®.
With IDE.Conference® we are indispensable at major events, congresses, conferences and social gatherings at the highest level and with a numerical participation.
We are trusted by large and growing companies:
We are trusted by big and small growing companies and trademarks all over the world, such as private and public companies and ministries, schools, universities, Government Communication Office, the Chamber of Crafts, Chamber of Commerce, Office of Traffic Safety.
Among the achievements of IDentiks we proudly include a high-tech chip card for Ljubljana Public Transport, Urbana.
In the thoughts of IDEal customers anchor yourself in IDEal gifts!
Your business promotional gift deserves a WOW reaction. WOW reaction means that the gift doesn not get stuck at the bottom of the drawer or on shelf or in the bin.
It has to have heart, usefulness and uniqueness. It also has to have informative value, which must speak to your customers in a moment.
In IDentiks we do not believe in a standart gift catalogs. Rather, we belive in »SMART« gifts.
Stand and look astonishly!
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