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HNEDZ - Government

Stands :

H 027

Long Xing Road 118
Haining City

314400 haining
zhejiang province


Haining Economic Development Zone is located in the county-level city of Haining in Northern Zhejiang Province (China). It has been acknowledged as a “State-level Demonstrative Development Zone of Industrial Restructuring” by the Chinese government.
The whole Haining Economic Development Zone spreads out over more than 82 km2 and focusses on industries such as equipment & machine manufacturing, semiconductor, automotive, leather & fashion as well as food & beverage.
For a better structure, we have subdivided our development zone into different parks:

 HAINING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING PARK which is mostly intended to be a first-class base for industries such as semiconductor. This park currently has a planned are of more than 78 ha and offers a wide variety of high-quality services for enterprises and potential customers. We can, for example, offer enterprises to lease a production facility or custom-build said facility for them.

 HAINING SINO-FRENCH PARK, INDUSTRY, TRAINING AND RESEARCH, this project consists of the creation in Haining of an industrial park dedicated to European companies, with a Franco-Chinese Training Center for the technicians of the industry and realized according to the French industrial standards. It has the support of the Central Chinese Government, in addition of the Zhejiang Province, and some French institution such as IUMM.
This one is listed among the pilot projects jointly recommended by Chinese and French government, which are typical illustration for the integration between the “French Future Industry” and “Made in China 2025”. 



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