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FutureCard - Consumer / Smart Home & Enterprise

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A 021

Industrial Area 13, University Road
150199 Sharjah

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FutureCard Industries L.L.C. is a UAE based global provider of end-to-end card solutions with the focus on payment, ID, transport, telecom, loyalty and retail. Since 2003 FutureCard is designing, manufacturing and customizing high quality and cutting-edge smart card technologies and solutions.

FutureCard manufactures all different categories of plastic cards, paper cards and smart cards with contact, contactless, dual interface, and hybrid chip card technologies, for all type of applications and uses. To enable customers a save and counterfeit proof banking, FutureCard offers EMV Biometric Cards with the most remarkable smart card technology. For an enhanced customer experience and a superior customer satisfaction, the company provides EMV Metal Cards, made of pure metal and designed to be secure, practical, durable and visually attractive.  

With a factory in Sharjah and offices in Dubai, Paris, Madrid, Johannesburg, and Amman, and a team of 230 multi-disciplinary employees from more than 20 nationalities, FutureCard caters for more than 500 customers in more than 90 countries in the Payment, ID, Telecom and retail industries.

FutureCard has been recently acquired by Toppan Leefung’s investment platform, Toppan Gravity. Toppan Leefung is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toppan, (Nikkei 225 – TYO: 7911) the Japanese global leader in printing & security.

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