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​DualAuth provides an innovative mutual authentication technology called AutoPassword. It has received accolades at major global tech conferences both as a winner and a finalist. This is due to the innovative concept where a user verifies the online services/IoT devices first rather than the online services/IoT devices verifying the user.
AutoPassword has a great user interface presenting the automatic password to the user. It not only eliminates the user password burden where the user changes and inputs the password, but it also makes the user verify the authenticity of where they are connecting. 
Historically we only check the authenticity of the user without verifying the authenticity of online services/IoT device. But on the internet, there are many fraudulent online services/IoT devices trying to steal your credentials. Without knowing where you are connecting, If you add more complex user authentication two or three times, it creates a burden to the user. 
DualAuth has led the movement for the automatic password, where the user verifies the machine rather than be verified by the machine.
DualAuth will provide AutoPassword public license to the government agencies free of charge as a means to promote the AutoPassword technology. It helps free the people from the password management burden and phishing and pharming attacks for the public online services.


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