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CTC advanced GmbH

CTC advanced GmbH - Automotive

Stands :

J 055

Untertuerkheimer Str. 6 - 10
66117 Saarbruecken



CTC advanced is an accredited, independent testing laboratory located in Saarbrucken, Germany. Its wide range of accreditations covers various types of industries and technologies such as: ePayment (EMVCo, Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, Discover…), Mobile Payment (MPA, HCE), SoftPOS, eTicketing (VDK-KA, CEN TS), ePassports/eID (ICAO, BSI), eHealth, Biometrics (card, mobile, wearables), NFC (tag, reader & universal) - to mention only a few. The major features of CTC advanced are testing and certification according to the requirements for Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and worldwide standards. CTC advanced GmbH is versed in international approval procedures and applies them professionally for a quick and independent homologation of their customers’ devices – no matter what industry they belong to. Measurements of radio interfaces, electromagnetic compatibility as well as electrical safety in labs accredited according to ISO 17025 provide the essential fundament of certification. Furthermore, CTC advanced is equipped with a modern battery testing center for high-performance li-ion batteries.