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CCPIT- ECC - Government

Room911,Bldg.8,No.27, Wanshou Rd.
100846 BEIJING


Center for International Economic and Technological Cooperation (CIETC)/ China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Electronics & Information Industry Sub-council (CCPIT-ECC) is a public institution of Director-General level directly subordinate to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. We are listed in the first batch of think-tank in industry and ICT sector.As a provider of international cooperation and industrial trade promotion services in the industry and ICT sectors, CIETC is dedicated to advance the internationalization of China’s industry and ICT sectors and boost the global competitiveness of Chinese enterprises. Through three distinctive platforms, namely international cooperation, policy research and exhibition & events, we deliver services, support and solutions for government agencies and businesses in China.
To carry out research on international economic and technological development and industrial cooperation, pr ov ide infor mation on international economic and technological communication and cooperation, and offer policy-base d advice to government institutions;To conduct exchange and cooperation with international organizations, foreign institutions and public organizations, and support MIIT in “Bringing in ” and “Going Global” strategies;
To carry out research on bilateral and multilateral economic and trade rules and foreign laws, provide advisory services for economic and trade frictions, as well as intellectual property right disputes in industry and ICT sectors;
To organize specialized training sessions on international trade rules, foreign laws as well as international disputes settlement in industry and ICT areas;
To organize international exhibitions, conferences and fora in the industry and ICT sectors at home and abroad;
To undertake other tasks assigned by MIIT.


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