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4PLATE - Financial

Stands :

E 054

Schwesterstrasse 58


4PLATE is a leading manufacturer of standard and high-security lamination plates for the production of plastic cards and governmental documents.
Lamination plates are available with negative and positive elements, MLI/CLI, micro-text, braille, latent images, guilloches, patterns, 3D effect, reflective variable images "IDoptic" and diffractive holographic images "holo-image".
Data page for e-Passport can be easily produced with our welded strips for hinges.
All 4PLATE production plants are in Europe. The company is fully integrated from plate production, engraving of security features, plate surface treatments for anti-stick properties and surface hardening.
4PLATE team is available to assist in the creation of artworks.
With several sales offices 4PLATE has a global presence.


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